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Whitney Tooling

Genuine Whitney Tooling – 28XX™/36TC™/44TC™

Plasma-Punch Combination Machines | CNC Precision Fabricators | Portable Presses


Whitney Tooling


TuffSkin™ Premium Tooling

  • Achieve extended tooling wear — up to 10 times that of a standard punch in shave punches used for vertical holes in thick materials — with minimum breakout

  • Punch holes smaller than material thickness — even in high strength steels

  • Withstand wear from heavy punching applications such as perforating

  • Prevent galling — surface stays clean

  • Punch up to three or more times more holes than with a standard tool in normal applications



  • Prevent slug pulling in standard punching applications

  • Available in rounds and shapes


High Quality Parts

  • Parts produced in a single operation on a Whitney plasma-punch machine

  • Create features such as countersinks, louvers, treadplate, dimples, beads, and part markings with Whitney punches and dies

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