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Whitney Plasma

Combination machines use the fastest technologies to make parts – Punching and Plasma Cutting.

  • Punched holes provide accurate internal features.

  • Advanced plasma-cutting technology provides highly productive contouring (much faster than laser) with high quality.

  • Additional features such as forming (counter-sinks, tread plate, louvers), drilling and tapping can be added to eliminate additional downstream operations, allowing parts to be completed in a single operation.

  • More productive than either stand-alone laser or stand-alone plasma.

  • Parts produced from combination machines cost significantly less than other processes.

3400 XP

  • 40 Tons Punching Force

  • 1/2"/12.7mm Capacity

3700 SST

  • 55 Tons Punching Force

  • 3/4"/19mm Capacity

4400 MAX

  • 100 Tons Punching Force

  • 1"/25mm Capacity

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