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Tuffskin Tooling


For 28XX™, 36TC and 44TC Styles


TuffSkin Premium Tooling, available only from Whitney, in 28XX, 36TC and 44TC styles, extends the life of tooling by three times in standard punching applications and up to ten times under severe applications. In addition to longer tool life, high lubricity, abrasion resistance and high compressive strength help you efficiently produce holes that are otherwise difficult and costly to achieve. And, unlike some coated tools, TuffSkin maintains its performance even after regrinding.


Here are your advantages when you specify TuffSkin on your tooling order:

  • Dramatically improve tool life—three or more times the holes than with a standard tool; up to ten times more in tough applications.

  • Ability to punch holes smaller than material thickness—even in high strength steels.

  • Extend life of shave punches—for vertical holes in thick materials with minimum breakout.

  • Greatly reduce wear from heavy punching applications such as perforating.

  • Virtually eliminate galling—punch surface stays clean.

  • Assure tool integrity when your machine runs unattended.

  • Reduce costs of inspecting and resharpening punches.

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