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Piranha Ironworkers

Single Operator Ironworkers
50 to 140 tons

  • Punch holes in less time with industry leading cycle times.

  • Less part distortion, faster cycle times and no need for stripper height adjustment with Piranha’s Urethane Stripping.

  • Burr-free cuts and clean notches with our Integrated Notching Station.

  • Switch from punching to bending in less than one minute with Quick-Change Tooling

  • Eliminate time-consuming adjustments between shear cuts using the Automatic Urethane Hold-Downs.

  • Convenient work height provides ergonometric work stations designed for clear visibility, comfort, efficiency and productivity.


Dual Operator Ironworkers
88 to 140 tons

  • Punching and notching can be performed simultaneously.

  • Unlimited range of optional equipment and special tooling with the large, open punch station.

  • Optional bending attachments up to 48” for long bending capability.

  • Punch station and shear/coper station have Dual Operator Controls.

Piranha Single End Punch Presses

  • The Piranha Single End Punch Press (SEPP) Series has a 120 ton capability.

Easy-to-use Piranha Ironworkers
Urethane strippers dramatically reduce part distortion, and also minimize the stroke length. This, plus more horsepower per ton, is why Piranha machines punch faster than the competition.
Piranha’s dovetail slide makes changeover from punching to 
bending fast and easy.
The P-65’s unique automatic urethane hold-downs keep flat stock and sheet metal from distorting. There is no need for time-consuming adjustments between cuts.
A clear sight line, and low rake angle notcher allow easy notching and coping of all materials—fully removing the fillet on angle iron in one stroke.
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