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Ocean Beam & Column

Flipper Beam and Column Rotator and Positioner

Avenger Beam Drill Line | Clipper CNC Angle Line | Terminator Band Saws
Liberator CNC Beam Coping Machine

Designed to fit within the material support table of the Ocean Avenger beam drill line, other single-spindle drills, or other types of steel processing equipment where turning and positioning of profiles is required. Will work with:

  • Ocean Avenger CNC drill line (A and B models)

  • Ficep 1001 D Drill line and Victory 11 Drill Lines

  • Voortman V600 Drill Line

Rotate heavy beams and columns at welding and fitting tables to speed up fitting and welding processes.

Rotate bundles of material in saw conveyors or other processing lines.

The Ocean Flipper will:

  • Save time, money and effort in turning and positioning material

  • Eliminate the need to use or tie up overhead cranes or forklifts

  • Eliminate the need for labor assistance in material handling

  • Minimize operator fatigue from heavy lifting and excessive walking back and forth

  • Ensure easy profile alignment to the drill line datum blocks

  • Maximize operator safety

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